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About Xnautee

Xnautee, is an adult network that allows adults to book dates with companions/escorts online. Xnautee shows live availability of escorts present in the selected city. Currently Xnautee is serving requests in 17 cities across Europe and Asia. Soft launch is getting excellent response from escorts and clients alike. Next phase is aggressive expansion, by adding 100 more cities across the globe, in next phase of the launch cycle. (More details available in white paper)

  • Amsterdam
  • Bangkok
  • Berlin
  • Hamburg
  • HongKong
  • Macau
  • Munich
  • Paris
  • Pattaya
  • Prague
  • Singapore
  • Tokyo
  • Moscow
  • London
  • Manila
  • Melbourne
  • Sydney

Soft launch is getting excellent response from escorts and clients alike. Next phase is aggressive expansion, by adding 100 more cities across the globe, in next phase of the launch cycle. (More details available in white paper)


According to various sources like UNAID, Havocscope, and Wikipedia, at present there are about 13 to 19 million girls are working in this unorganized industry. Annual amount spent on paid sex crosses $180 billion. Almost all the transactions are in cash only.


Internet is full of porn content, and new content is popping up by every passing second, there are very few businesses actually making profit from it. These days when no one actually pays for watching porn, the main source of income for porn sites is ads of other porn sites. And it’s not as much as main stream internet ads.

On the other hand, physical experience never comes free of cost. That’s why escorts are earning. In fact more than porn sites do.

That’s why with Xnautee we are targeting physical experience industry. Where real money flows.

Other services

While this untapped market is the main opportunity we are focusing upon, more adult services will be launched on the network, that are at development stage currently.

Nauteestars is the space where fans can follow their favorite adult starts and access all the content they are sharing. While many fans follow adult stars on social networks like facebook, instagram, and twitter, anticipating more naughty content, there’s barely anything that qualifies for adult content. Mainly because restrictions of social network sites.NauteeStars is truly adult social network, without any restriction.

Xtube is full of original porn content form all your favorite porn stars. Most of them may be free, while some premium content may cost you a little bit.

Nauteecams hosts live webcam performances from across the globe. We don’t charge anything from hosts, neither from the viewers. You can send tip to performers though. You can say it’s another chaturbate. Or copy of it. We don’t mind as long as our viewers are satisfied!

Nauteestore sells everything from sex toys to bikini, clothing, and interesting naughty merchandise from every part of the world.

ESCO Token

ESCO token is the currency for all your purchases, subscriptions and payments on Xnautee network
These days most of the companions are well versed with internet, social network and crypto currencies. Although willing to accept the newest form of currency, companions ends up dealing in cash. Reason? The lack of dedicated tech, exclusively designed for them.
Not anymore. The ESCO token can be seamlessly transferred between any ERC20 compatible wallets. And when you want to spend traditional paper currency, you can even sell Esco Token for USD, Euro or other currencies at our internal or external exchanges where Esco Token will be listed.
In all there are 450 million tokens have been created and no more could ever be created.

Form To Token Token/ETH Bouns
25-May-18 4-June-18 60,000,000 10000 30%
4-Jun-18 4-Jul-18 80,000,000 8000 20%
4-Jul-18 4-Aug-18 80,000,000 7000 15%
4-Aug-18 4-Sep-18 80,000,000 6000 10%

All unsold tokens during the ICO will be kept aside, and sold to retail users at the market price.
We have decided to keep aside 50 million tokens, and that would be used for contingencies in future. Since almost 80% of the tokens are in market, promoters can’t influence the prices of ESCO token. On the other hand, if some investors choose to accumulate large amount of tokens, and tries to influence price, the contingency volume would be used to maintain liquidity and meet with any artificial shortage of tokens.
We are establishing network of partners who accept ESCO tokens. These partners includes, adult sites, escort agencies, adult clubs, adult stars and celebrities, and almost any establishment that provides adult entertainment legally. We have set aside 20 million tokes for these institutions and individuals. We will give away tokens to them to test, promote and ultimately start using it in their business.

Affiliate program

Write us at support@escotoken.net or at our telegram channel if you want someone to refer to invest in Esco token. We have designed very generous rewards for your valuable references.

Project Timeline

  • Xnautee concept research


  • Xnautee developement


  • Xnautee soft launch


  • ESCO token Pre-sale


  • ESCO token Main Sale


  • Xnautee Global launch


  • ESCO token sale ends


  • Listing on exchange


  • Lunch of other adult services


  • Launch of ESCO payment on Xnautee


  • ESCO Wallet for Android


Key People

Richard Stone
Founder, CEO
Anna Bold
Chief financial officer
Nick Nielson
Development Team Xnautee
Dimitri Mikhailov
Development team Xnautee
Natasha Vasliliev
Development team Xnautee
Atul Kulkarni
Marketing and Partnership development. Asia pacific
Ciara Keane
Marketing and Partnership development, Europe
Andy mellor
Media, Communication, & PR

Response from early birds!

many times my clients told me that I should accept crypto currencies, that's the future. But it was too much for me to learn. besides, price fluctuations could eat my earning. what a client paid me $1000 at night, could very well be $900 in the morning. I wouldn't even go close to that Bitcoin thing. But when I was associated with Xnautee, and first time received EscoToken, I realized I'm getting a step closer. I'm waiting for a launch, and This could very well be the first Crypto Currency that I would accept from my clients.

- Elena Moscow

When I first time heard about EscoToken, my reaction was: "One more currency. Not gonna remembers one more password, install one more app." But I was in for surprise. It's gonna come with the same platform that I use to promote my profile. Xnautee. cool! Now that's something you can't reject. Payment, promotion, bookings, all in one! Just can't wait for it to launch.

- Jessica, Melbourne

I've accepted Bitcoin from some clients as an experiment. When I wanted to convert it into cash, I couldn’t sell it on major exchange because it doesn’t accept KYC from my country. Local exchanges buys Bitcoin at very lower rates. I tried to sell it for cash but then the buyer would only buy it at huge discount. I was in mess, I never looked back at Crypto again. Until I learned about EscoToken! Tokens can be exchanged for regular currencies. Any country, all citizen. Now that's what I'm interested in.

- Nadear, Bagkok

Launch Party

ESCO token payment gateway would be launched at one of the most memorable party of the year in Macau. An exclusive, invite only party would be organized off the coast of Macau in stunning yacht.
Top 50 investors in the project get qualified for the party automatically. Apart from those, few lucky investors would be selected through draw. Anyone who has invested more than 5 ether, qualifies for the lucky draw.
Party would be featuring some of the top VIP companions from the Asia and Europe.
Such a rare amalgamation of pleasure and business is rare to come by. That’s the Xnautee is all about.Full of fun.Full of business.


How to buy ESCO tokens?

Simply send the amount you want to contribute to this address, and ESCO tokens will be sent to your address along with bonus.

Which wallets are supporting ERC20 tokens?

- MyEtherWallet (no download needed)
- MetaMask (Firefox and Chrome browser add-on) Recommended
- Mist (Desktop)
- Parity (Desktop)
- imToken (iPhone)
- imToken (Android)
- Trust(iPhone)
- Trust(Android)
- Cipher(iPhone)
- Cipher(Android)

How to add tokens to my wallet?

Go to your MyEtherWallet web, or MetaMask extension. Click on Add custom token . Copy paste this Esco Token Address: 0x7ad707e4b4420114555aba1d163e6bdaab808a1a In Symbol box write ESC, and in decimal box write 8

What gas limit and gas price to set?

If you are transferring from Meta Mask it should show you default gas limit and price. That’s safe to make a successful transaction. Increasing gas price from default would lead to faster confirmation.
If transferring from MyEtherWallet website, you should set the gas limit to 30000 and gas price 20 gwei. Higher the gas price, faster the confirmation.

How could I sell my tokens?

You can sell it when it’s listed on exchange or you can hold it until we launch the buy-back program, and sell to us under the buy-back program.

Where can I use tokens?

You can use ESCO tokens to make payment to companions. You can also use ESCO to make payments for other Adult entertainment services available on Xnautee.com

How much return on investment I can expect?

If you enter during the Pre-sale, by the sale ends value of the token is double. So by the end of the token sale, you may expect 100% return on your Investment. If you keep it holding and sell during the buy-back program, you can expect at least 300% return on your investment. If you keep holding the token till a year after the sale is over, you can expect the price to go up to $1 per token. That makes your return 10 times on your investment.

If Adult content is available for free than why company is launching services that provides adult content.

Some exclusive content is paid only, where content creator and Xnautee both makes profit. While most of the content is free, and are not meant to make profit, but to attract the viwers, and make them aware of the main Xnautee platform where users meets companions. And unlike digital content, physical experience doesn’t come at free of cost. So basically, the free services drive the main business.

What if I have more questions?

You can always contact us at support@escortoken.net

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